ll hotels in Cusco advertise their rooms on the internet, either through sale portals such as Booking or Expedia, and / or through a website. And nowadays booking a hotel online has become an everyday task and what used to take several phone calls or prepaid deposits today can be done with a simple click.

Sales channels such as Booking and Expedia offer you more than a thousand hotels in Cusco, which you can book in just a few minutes, to book you must fill out a simple form, they will ask for your name, email, dates of arrival and departure and some details of your stay The best thing about this form of reservation is that once you make your reservation you have the guarantee that you will have a room reserved at the hotel. In addition to sending you a confirmation with all the details of your stay to your email. So once you have made your reservation you can call your hotel in Cusco and confirm that your reservation was made successfully.

Sites Like, in most cases, allow you to cancel / cancel your reservation for free without paying any penalty.
On the other hand sites like among others, you will have to enter the data of a credit or debit card, besides that some cases Expedia will charge you in advance for your reservation, that is to say, it will debit the amount of your reservation at the moment you make and confirm your reservation in the virtual site.

If you visit and / or you will notice that the same room in the same hotel may have different prices, this may be due to the fact that sites like and charge hotels a different commission, for example Booking .com charges hotels 14% for each booking while Expedia can charge up to 25%.

Either due to human error or a sales strategy you can see and book with the lowest price. And if you want to go further with the prices you can call the hotel directly and offer to make the reservation directly with them instead of doing it through or and request at least some additional discount since they will not pay the commission to the portal of sales.

As you can see there are several options to take advantage of a low price, additionally I tell you that the sale portals often take out promotions for summer in which they offer hotels in Cusco at gift prices, you must pay attention and register or create an account in each site and Ask them to send you emails every time they have great deals on hotels in Cusco.

Some inconveniences that may occur when having a reservation made by an online sales portal such as and may be that your reservation is not processed correctly and the hotel can not fulfill your reservation. If this should happen to you, you should remember that the sales portal for which you made your reservation can find a hotel similar to or similar to the one you booked and which is almost always very close to your chosen hotel.

In any case, making your hotel reservation through a sales portal gives you guarantee and peace of mind that you will always have a comfortable stay.

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