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Los Angelitos de SION

Los Angelitos de Sion is a self-sustaining community whose mission is to provide children from poor families (often orphans of the father or mother), from the outskirts of the district of San Jerónimo, education alternatives, health, feeding and development based on values: Highlighting love, spirituality and respect for the planet.

In the morning before the children goes to  schools, they have a nutritious breakfast, in order to combat malnutrition. After finishing breakfast they are learning to brush their teeth with toothpaste and also they know to wash their hands with soap and water. Then the children are ready to go to their schools. In the afternoon the children come to Sion to receive help on their homework, talk about their day, and play. In the afternoon the children have an art workshops, such as drawing, painting with watercolors or tempera or handicrafts, these workshops are in charge of the founding group of Sion and the volunteers. After the workshops, children wash the hands. The day ends with the lunch, it is promoted again the cleaning of the teeth with toothpaste and the cleaning of the hands.

Sion helps in combating Children’s malnutrition and infectious diseases.


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