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No viajamos para escapar de la vida,

No viajamos para escapar de la vida,

viajamos para que la vida no se nos escape

Viajar es una aventura

Viajar es una aventura

que te traerá recuerdos inolvidables

Viajar es la respuesta

Viajar es la respuesta

no importa cuál sea la pregunta

Nuestro destino nunca es un lugar

Nuestro destino nunca es un lugar

sino una nueva forma de ver las cosas

Un viaje de miles de kilómetros

Un viaje de miles de kilómetros

empieza con un pequeño paso

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Hotel Príncipe III – Hotel en Cusco

Hotel Príncipe III is a modern cozy and comfortable hotel for your stay in the city of Cusco.

Principe III is located a few minutes from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco (maine square) allowing you to be in a quiet, comfortable and safe location for guests.

As a guest, you will enjoy the experience of living in a modern, cozy and central hotel. The hotel staff is trained to help you get anything you may need during your stay with us. All the staff of Principe III makes your stay so special and memorable.

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  •  Av. Huascar #222 (Wanchaq - Cusco)
  • Phone: +51 84 268873
  • +51984 186 268
  • reservas@hotelprincipecusco.com

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Room Doble, Matrimonial or Triple

January, February and March

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